Classical Ballet

What is Ballet?

Dance is one of the oldest forms of dramatic art expression in history. Ballet is a 400 year old art that has developed into a highly specialised and admired source of entertainment. Ballet began in Renaissance Italy as a dance interpretation of fencing.
It was then popularised by the French Court of Louis XIV. Ballet techniques and styles have continued to progress over the centuries into the highly specialised forms of ballet we know today.

Why Ballet?

Ballet is not only beautiful and graceful, it provides opportunities for individuals to express themselves artistically, and the health benefits are endless. Ballet can be an excellent form of exercise for all people, young and old. It develops core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular strength and stamina. It is known that ballet increases bone density, and decreases the risk of osteoporosis. Ballet builds confidence and relieves stress, whilst toning muscle and improving co-ordination.

Should a student show a strong interest in taking ballet more seriously, and we believe they have the capacity to achieve at a professional level, we will provide appropriate guidance in relation to their aspirations.