Welcome to The Studio Arts Centre.

At The Studio Arts Centre we provide a meeting place where people who love ballet, music and the arts come together in a warm, friendly environment. At this school, we appreciate that each student has their own level of ability and that each body has its own joys in relation to dance. The development of a positive self esteem and a sensitive attitude towards others is paramount.

The Studio Arts Centre prides itself on providing a nurturing environment where students can fully express themselves without unnecessary pressures. Classes are taught by experienced teachers and childrens' classes are accompanied by a range of classical and contemporary music. Constant encouragement to reach their full potential is provided.

Free Trial Class!

Not sure if ballet is for you but would like to find out? Come along at any stage during the term for a free, no obligation trial class. After the class we can discuss with you whether you are keen to enrol. Call Annisa 0401198741 or Alexi 0422320356.